Karilac Dairy Products
New Zealand Pukeko

Shake, stir or whisk until the powder is completely dissolved. 

Using the scoop included add 4 level scoops of Karilac powder to a 200ml cup of drinking water. 




Karilac Toddler Milk mixes easily in warm water. It has a pleasant taste that toddlers enjoy. For a special treat add some fruit or other suitable foods.

Serve immediately or for a delicious cold drink chill in the fridge. Do not use prepared milk that is stored longer than 12 hours. 

Wash cups, bottles and utensils thoroughly. 

Preparing toddler goat milk

Always wash your hands with hot water before preparing the Karilac milk.

Note: This is a general feeding guide only and your toddler may require more or less. If unsure consult a health professional for advice.