Note: This is a general feeding guide only and your toddler may require more or less. If unsure consult a health professional for advice.

Wash cups, bottles and utensils thoroughly.

 Shake, stir or whisk until the powder is completely dissolved. 

Always wash your hands with hot water before preparing Karilac Toddler Milk.

Heat 200ml of fresh or UHT milk on stove top or in microwave at 1100w for 1 minute and allow to cool to approximately 70°C. Pour the contents of one Karilac sachet into the container.

Karilac Dairy Products

Serve immediately or for a delicious cold drink chill in the fridge. Do not use prepared milk that is stored longer than 12 hours.


Karilac toddler milk additive is a convenient way in which to make your own fresh toddler milk drink. It contains all the essential ingredients for normal growth and development. Also contains prebiotics and probiotics to support digestive and immune system health. Simply add one sachet to fresh whole milk or UHT whole milk for a delicious and nutritious toddler drink. 

IMPORTANT: Use ONLY fresh blue top standard whole milk (NZ & Aust) or UHT whole milk.