Karicare goats milk formula

Karilac powder should be stored in a cool dry place and used within four weeks of opening. To maintain freshness close the lid after use. 

The Ministry of Health recommends that you prepare just one meal at a time to avoid bacteria developing. When milk is kept warm for any length of time, bacteria multiply dramatically putting your baby at risk so it’s important to store made-up formula properly. It can be stored at room temperature for no more than two hours and in the fridge for no more than four hours. Never re-heat used formula and throw out what your baby doesn’t drink.

If you are going out somewhere, you need to bring a clean, sterilised bottle with cooled boiled water, and only add the powdered formula when it is time for the baby’s feed. If you must make a bottle up beforehand, keep it cold in a chilly bin or insulating bag and use within two hours. Never let your baby drink alone in their car seat – they could choke. ​



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