Age, weight, time of day, activity levels, illness and rate of growth can all affect a baby’s formula needs. A tin of Karilac formula has general guidelines on it. Babies are usually fed on demand, so learn your baby’s hungry signals. Most formula-fed newborns will need around six to eight feeds per 24 hours for the first few weeks. Some may stop a night feed after about six weeks. Gradually increase the quantity of feeds during the day. At about two months, there will probably be 3–4 hours between feeds.

You can tell if enough formula is being fed if your baby:

- is content and settles for a couple of hours after a feed; 

- is gaining weight at a steady rate;

- has six or more very wet nappies every day.

In hot weather or if your baby is unwell they may need extra feeds.

From Birth your baby can be bottle-fed Karilac Shegoa Milk Stage 1 Infant Formula. At 6 months of age infants are usually ready to start eating solids as well as their daily feeds. After 6–7 months your baby can be given the Karilac Shegoa Milk Stage 2 Follow-on Formula that is designed for growing infants and also small amounts of solids each time. After 12 months, your toddler can change to Karilac Shegoa Stage 3 Toddler Milk that contains a higher proportion of nutrients to meet the needs of active developing toddlers. 

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