Karliac Pty Ltd's mission is to produce consumer dairy products made from goat and/or sheep milk. The company's goal is to focus on research and development to produce innovative products of the highest possible quality that are beneficial for consumer's health. As the developers of the new Shegoa Milk formulas we carry on the proud tradition established by Dr. Trudy King when he developed the first Karilac products in 1927.

​Our Philosophy

Innovation, Quality & Service 

A healthy start to life

We believe a pure start to life means breastfeeding your newborn baby - this

is natures way of providing the best possible healthy start. If breastfeeding is not possible it is our goal to provide the best possible healthy alternative.

     All of the products in our range are made and packed

in Australia, which means they meet some of the highest food safety requirements of anywhere in the

world. Families both inside and outside of Australia can have confidence that when they buy Australian made they can expect a high quality product.

Dr. Trudy King with his Karilac products in 1927

About Karilac

Karilac Dairy Products

Community & Sponsorship

At Karilac we believe in giving back ​​and that is why

our company donates funds, time and resources to charities, research and community groups. In

particular we like to support causes that help to improve the lives of children.